Dr. John Demartini

What I learned from my time with Dr. John Demartini… So many things! 

The first time I ever heard Dr. Demartini speak was add a Parker seminars event in Dallas TX. I don’t recall the topic in particular, all I know is I left with my head swirling. Dr. Demartini shared more thought provoking concepts and information then I had ever heard come from one person in one talk.

His ability to speak in a total flow of consciousness was amazing. He started off on a topic, and it seemed to be no doubt that he was channeling information from higher source. It was the first time I had ever experienced anything like that. His knowledge and his ability to sequence a message was phenomenal.

Over time, I was fortunate enough to spend a fair amount of one-on-one time with John. I got to ask him questions that I wanted to know the answers to. I wanted to know about his insight, his breadth of knowledge, his work ethic, and so much more. He was very gracious and gave freely of the answers to my questions. A man with that much knowledge, that much presence, and a huge desire to share what he had learned to me and so many others.

Overtime we became friends. At least enough that I could call occasionally and ask a question or seek his wisdom on a topic that I needed to learn more about. There was a time that I went seeking his counsel on one of my team members came to me tremendously distraught because of how much we were on the road and how much he was working.

As I stop to explain the situation to John he just smiled. Because at the time I was doing about 288 speeches a year. Now while it was a lot, I truly loved every minute of it. But again one specific team member was having a tremendously hard time having to be in the room processing that many events. My question to John was simple. I said I know you do over 300 events a year, and yet each time I’ve seen you on stage you’re more invigorated than the previous time. Why is that so?

John’s answer was simple. When you love what you do you never work a day in your life! There are 365 days in the year, I’m only doing about 320 talks. That means I still have room to grow.

What a tremendously poignant answer! When you love what you’re doing it’s not work. And even though you do a lot of it, it just allows you to love it that much more. I shared John’s answer with my team member. I helped him to refocus on why he was out on the road in the first place. And in passing along that great wisdom, I helped that team member understand that his sacrifices for being on the road were the reason that he could provide his little girl his wife in his overall family so much more prosperity than they had ever been accustomed to prior. Now that’s a powerful lesson!

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