John Childers

My time with John Childers was absolutely amazing! When I originally met John, I was full of desire to become a professional speaker. I had made the decision to learn from the best of the best. John had trained virtually every successful speaker for years. As soon as I attended John’s Million Dollar Speaker Training event, I could see the difference in his style, his willingness to share, and most importantly, his desire to make sure his students had everything they needed to be successful.

When it comes to teaching others how to become a professional speaker treating it as a business, nobody compared did John Childers. The man knows what it takes to have a professional speaking business and more importantly maximize it to make the greatest impact and potential income. While some speaker trainers focus on the actual delivery of the speech itself, John truly focused on the business behind the business.

Oh, he gave us many of what we’re called “Childers Chunks” to include in our speeches if we needed pieces of content that were tried and true to engage the audience. Like I said, the man was a master at engaging audiences and winning them over. There were points that he taught that were so tremendously detailed like the importance of a single word at the exact right time.

The first 90 minute presentation I did at a event where we shared the stage I followed directly after John. Prior to my presentation he said if you’d like a debrief of your presentation, let’s get together afterwards so that I can go through how to punch up your talk. Now this was prior to me even giving the talk… pretty amazing if you think about it.

After my talk we met and I had yellow pad in hand ready to take everything down so that I could fine tune my 90 minute presentation. I sat waiting for John’s critique and ready to take copious notes. He calmly looked at me and said remember at about the 38 minute mark where you said the word appropriate? Advantageous would have been a much more powerful word. I said that’s great what else? He said that’s it, great job!

What a lesson! Out of an entire 90 minute presentation there was one word that he felt would have made the entire delivery that much more powerful… incredible. Over the years, I would call John occasionally and ask questions or share things that happen at events to see if I could improve. Sometimes it was about delivery. Sometimes about the words. Sometimes just to have the assurance of someone who had been there and done that so many times in his own career and was still willing to invest in a young buck… Or at least younger buck.

Lessons learned from John Childers were so numerous I could literally write a book about him all. The greatest take away is when you truly find a master that will invest in you to allow you to become the next master take full advantage of that generosity and graciousness.

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