While many people feel they are “not salespeople”?



Scott helps demystify selling and helps everyone understand that in fact, we're all selling every minute of every day! If you make a presentation of a thought or a concept, you're making a sale!

When it comes to training, few have the success rate or proven track record that Scott enjoys. Training is in his blood for a very simple reason. Scott loves to see the results and ultimately the benefits of those results when experienced by his students. As they go back into the real world and implement what they have learned, student’s results improve, revenues rise, and businesses grow. His student’s success is Scott's success!

There are few things better than seeing the light bulb go off in his student’s eyes. They truly get it. More importantly, once they have it, they can put it into action, implementing their newfound knowledge immediately to sell more, at higher margins, with less overall effort. Training is a process, not an event. It is not a quick shot in the arm, and everything is perfect going forward. It is a process of learning new information, remembering some old, refining what you do, and how you do it, and then implementing your new and better approach consistently. Training is dynamic, just like the marketplace.

Scott offers training in multiple ways to accommodate the needs of his clients. Training is custom matched to the needs, wants, and desires of the client and is based on the task at hand. His two-day Heart Centered Selling workshop is an intensive 2 days full of learning. Everything from purpose, passion, responsibility, the foundations of selling communications, the selling process itself, relationships, handling and defeating fear, to preparing yourself. To engage fully after the training concludes.

Other training courses can be modified as one day, half day, or even two-hour sessions. The bottom line is really to deliver the “bottom line”. Working with clients to identify their needs, wants and desires, a custom solution is put together and executed. Follow up and aftercare programs are also established to ensure the trainees receive, and more importantly, implement and deliver the value that training is designed to provide.